ROYI ART Create and Re-create 100% Hand-made Contemporary Landscape Oil Painting!

ROYI ART Create and Re-create 100% Hand-made Contemporary Landscape Oil Painting!

Aims in Painting Landscapes

Landscapes have grown in popularity over the centuries, and now display a greater variety and perhaps originality than any other genre. Landscapes afford the painter the refreshment (sometimes the bracing challenge) of working out of doors, and the viewer with the opportunity of renewing contacts with natural surroundings.

That brings us immediately to the shortcomings of so much amateur landscape painting. Over-conscientious, uninspired, derivative — these are not the main problems. It is the revitalizing, underlying vision that is lacking.

Originality can certainly be overdone, but what galleries and museums look for generally is a freshness and depth of vision that renders the world in meaningful and significant terms that hadn't been apparent before.


How ROYI ART Painters Create and Recreate 100% Hand-made Contemporary Landscape Oil Painting:

Painters in ROYI ART Painting Landscapes from a combination of imagination, life, and reference. If you have a favorite place, view or landscape, somewhere you love, shot a picture and then let ROYI ART artists paint it for you. We can explore the place together and create something you will treasure for a lifetime. Contact ROYI Art to discuss specific commissions.

ROYI ART artists paint colorful and dynamic landscapes. We love to connect people to a specific memory or view or moment and our work is inspired as much by the atmosphere of a place as the look. We work in both oils and mixed media and have a loose impressionistic style.


Read the customer’s feedback of ROYI ART Landscape Oil Painting:

We never forgot the commission of ROYI ART is to devote ourselves into the real art, while with daily increased buyers and 5 stars great feedback sometimes we feel grateful that life bless us, and we’ll keep our original mind of art creation through eternal life!

Our landscape oil paintings is a perfect wall decorations paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, dining room, office, bathroom, bar etc..

Through our landscape oil painting to look for and aim for, and explains the mysteries of color, atmospheric conditions, and other phenomena to be found in nature.


Post time: Apr-20-2021